Installing Casing Corners -


When installing Casing Corners, it is recommended that the top straight piece and the two corner pieces be preassembled.  First, measure inside to inside of the window casing or door jam.   Then pre-cut the top straight piece of moulding accurately to the size of the opening.  The casing corners can then be attached.

ccase1.jpg (10131 bytes)

1. Soft casing corners can be attached to cut ends of moulding by using masking tape applied to the bottom of the moulding, then woodworking glue can be applied and the two (2) pieces can be pressed together.

ccase2.jpg (12966 bytes)

2. Masking tape can then be applied to the top of the moulding to hold soft corners and moulding in place until the glue sets.

ccase3.jpg (12563 bytes)

3.  When both ends of casing have set the completed piece can be then sanded and installed in place above the door or window.

ccase4.jpg (15167 bytes)

4.  The stiles (vertical side pieces ) can then be cut accurately to length.  White glue should the be applied to the top end of the stiles.  The stile should then be installed firmly in place.  Any excess glue should be wiped off.

ccase5.jpg (12565 bytes)

5.  The pieces can then be blended using sandpaper.  Some filler may be required.